Dear body freedom supporters,

we are going to challenge the nudity ban by showing the City Attorney and the SFPD that body freedom is here to stay.

Come join us this Sunday at Dorey Alley at 3 Pm for a NAKED DANCE LOTTERY where participants will be selected at random to win awesome kinky prizes, 1st price being a $500 gift certificate for Mr-S-Leather store.

Here is the latest EBAR article that talks about the event and about our naked dance lottery:

We are going to have a blast and would love to have it with you!

Please come and dance or just hang out. We will be in the Body Freedom Network booth on 10th Street.

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS for the booth. If you would like to help out please come early, at 11 am or so.

We want to thank everyone who has donated to our legal fund in the past and to ask you to help us out with whatever donations you can make – every little bit makes a difference. Without your continued support our federal case would be impossible. Thank you so much!!!

Please let your friends know about the naked dance lottery!

See you on the dance floor!



  1. Luigi diventura

    Hi gypsy watched the video on YOU TUBE it looked a nice day.
    Everyone was having a good time with no Hassel from the SFPD.
    Maybe Scott wiener should have joined in.
    I must say gypsy you are some dancer.
    I wish I was there. Maybe one day.
    Love you.

  2. Jon biehl

    Ms. Taub:

    Hope you can be of assistance. I went to one of those free “ask an attorney” sites to get information on the new SF Nudity Ordinance. I plan on attending next month’s Folsom Street event and wanted to know if I risked being arrested or cited if I were to wear a g-string and high heels on the streets of the Castro a day or two before the Sunday event.
    One suggested I read the ordinance…..which I did, and the word “peritoneum” threw me for a loop. The other atty suggested I stop by the police station and ask them what their policy was. Thanx a bunch, guys. I was basically asking what the ordinance’s definition of “naked” was. (Ya’ can’t show genitals or peritoneum is what the ordinance says.)

    Now then……..I know you won’t agree with my own definition of personal freedom…..however………years ago when people started using the term “clothing optional” I noticed that in Nudist Camps and such there were groups who, although they thought they were open-minded about nudity, really weren’t. In other words, in some of the conservative venues it was just fine to be naked or fully clothed….BUT, if one were to wear something “in between” like a tiny bikini with high heels……oh, goodness, that would be “suggestive.” Suggestive of sex? Or suggestive of naked? It was confusing to me. Sooooo, as I lived right next door to one of those Nudist Resorts (Silver Valley Sun Club) and had frequent nudist visitors over, I posted a sign reversing the wordage, saying “Optional Clothing allowed here. It’s your body, so wear or NOT wear any damn thing you want.”
    The girls loved it and creatively enjoyed themselves. The guys, of course, simply watched and perhaps secretly wished they could wear g-strings and such themselves. I dunno[
    But I do know that it’s fun to tease, and a wild thing indeed for a guy to wear “just a little bit”
    Sure, I agree, nudity per se is not sexual. But I think we have a personal right to be “sexy” or to “look sexy” as well as a right to be nude. Apples and oranges, BUT we should have a right to BOTH! It is “expression” and it is “creative” to be suggestive. And that’s why most folks enjoy Halloween or Mardi Gras more than lounging in the sun naked. Ho-hum, says I.
    I’m not talking about wanking, screwing, or blow jobs. THESE are sexual acts. Sexual activity. An argument could be made for even further freedom in this area as well. However, society ain’t quite ready yet. Neither am I. Step by step, I suppose.

    I’ve rambled too long. You are probably bored. Back to my question….G-string and high heels on the streets of Castro? (I’m driving up from SoCal area and want to plan ahead… should I come up on Saturday evening and plan on just Sunday….or could I arrive a day or two beforehand and express myself publicly for a little while longer.
    Thanx. (I’m a straight yet queer male)

    1. Gypsy Taub Post author

      Hi, Jon, sorry for the delayed response.

      You are fine in G-string and high heels. They are not supposed to cite nor arrest you. If they do please let me know – it will help our federal lawsuit against them.

      I agree that if you want to dress “sexy” in any way you see fit it is purely your business. That’s why we go to Burning Man. You can be nude there too. You should go to that – you would love it.

      I also feel that certain parks and may be beaches too should be open to sex after certain hours or on certain days. They do that in Europe already.

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