3 thoughts on “My Naked Truth interview with Sam

  1. Matthew

    Feels like gypsy Provided a Motherly archetype by embracing her feminine energy. In Western Society I feel many Mothers are emotionally absent within the child’s life. I feel this can be directly viewed in Sam were it appears a void in his life was the love of his Mother. The Robot a Metaphor of his subconscious projection of a woman AKA his Mother.

    1. Sam


      Gypsy certainly provides a motherly archetype and great friendship and protection. She is a wonderful person and a wonderful mother. However, if you review the video you will see I said I had *two* very loving parents. I was extremely fortunate in this. My mother was a very warm person who showed her love in words, actions, hugs, and support of every kind. Her illness didn’t inhibit that wonderful side of her. As to robots, that is more of an expectation. If you spend a while researching AI and AGI progress, you’ll see that we will live alongside thinking and feeling machines before terribly long. Finally, there is plenty happening in my subconscious, but there no is projection of a woman stimulated by the expectation of robots. It’s an interesting guess, but a projection of a projection in this case.

      Take care, Sam

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