My Naked Truth TV – interview with Raya and Pasta at Montana Rainbow gathering in 2013 – by Gypsy Taub

My Naked Truth TV – interview with Raya and Pasta at Montana Rainbow gathering in 2013 – by Gypsy Taub from Lustful Goddess on Vimeo.

Raya and Pasta interview – part 2 – My Naked Truth TV by Gypsy Taub from Lustful Goddess on Vimeo.

Interivew tih Raya and Pasta at the National Rainbow Gathering in Montana in July of 2013. We talk about Raya and Pasta’s love for each other, about how they are going to get married a the end of the gathering, their friendship and polyamorous relationship, the way they love each other and how they celebrate life together. These girls are amazing! This is one of my favorite interviews ever! This interview wasn’t planned. These 2 ladies were passing by while I was interviewing Daniel. I asked them if they would like to be interviewed and they agreed.
We discussed sex, psychedelics, travel and other fun things such as freedom, liberation, love of nature and love in general. This interview was a blast!

8 thoughts on “My Naked Truth TV – interview with Raya and Pasta at Montana Rainbow gathering in 2013 – by Gypsy Taub

  1. Bill

    Being raise as a nudist I enjoyed the intervew . Now every one should notice how open and real these people are. This is what its all about

  2. Edward Ebden

    Way to go Gypsy! Thank you for helping the fight to reclaim nudity from pornography. We are all born in the image of God, nature is naked. Love the dog! You are helping us all to find common humanity and openness. There is no Latino/Hispanic & Easterners plot against god-fearing Americans, that is just naive and plays into the hands of fascism.

    1. Gypsy Taub Post author

      Thank you, Edward! Fascism is the last thing we need. Being in a concentration camp is worse than being forced to wear clothes. And concentration camps were built and operated thanks to the millions of people who were afraid of their own shadow and who put themselves above other nations.

  3. Derek Donatelli

    WOW !!! What a time !!!
    Ummmm , by belief .. we are NOT to be exposed before others
    because GOD made clothes for us to wear because after eating from
    the apple we saw SIN and NOT given true beauty …. and GOD saw that we have ability
    to the tree of life and knowledge .. so GOD banned us and removed us
    from his eternal kingdom …. and NO matter what man / woman does
    without GOD we are a pile of sand … a mound of dirt to go back into the earth ….
    wish I was there .. but I see a confused twisted view that is removing the Americans from all of earth while the Latino’s / Spanish / and Easterners are flourishing in endless sizes taking over all …

    1. Joe Smith

      Dear Derek,

      Come, let us reason together.

      The ideal and perfect state in which a human should be, is the natural state of nakedness. God created us in that ideal and perfect state. Our bodies were designed by God as things of beauty (as are all his creations) – they were not designed to bring us shame. Shame and guilt are the chief weapons of evil, designed to separate us from each other like chaff.

      God could see the sin that Adam and Eve had committed by eating the forbidden fruit. It was for this reason alone that the couple was ashamed, and therefore tried to hide by covering their bodies with fig leaves. They were not motivated to dress because they were ashamed of their nudity. (If that were the case, Adam and Eve would have immediately run off in opposite directions, rather than remain together.) Although God subsequently clothed them with animal skins, He made no mandate for humans to be dressed in public. Clothing is an essential element in this difficult world. Harsh climates, work safety, and ceremonial dress, are all good reasons for clothing – and God foresaw that in a difficult world we would sometimes need clothing. He made provision for that need. But it is not a requirement to be clothed all the time.

      Being nude is a wholesome way of life, and an acceptable state of dress which was never condemned by God in the Bible. Christian naturists know there is no command in the Adam and Eve story, or elsewhere in the Bible, to wear clothing.

      Requiring the body to be covered rivals the legalism of the Pharisees. Many people have been deceived into thinking that their clothing keeps them from sin, when in fact the opposite is true. Islamic cultures often prescribe complete covering from head to toe at all times. This is an example of misinterpretation and extremism.

      While “openness” and “loving people for who they are” are common concepts throughout Christianity, they are especially emphasized in Christian naturism through “body acceptance.” Having a perfect body as the world dictates is TOTALLY UNIMPORTANT for both males and females of all ages.

      Many of the prohibitions of present-day nudity (both within Christianity and society at large) originate from the 19th-century Victorian era, rather than scripture. Two centuries ago, except for a Puritan minority and Anabaptist sects, Christians did not generally equate nudity with sin.

      So, please, Derek, don’t allow shame and guilt to dominate your response to God’s wonderful creation. Instead, celebrate, like King David did. Remember that we are all naked before God. He sees right into our heart, and knows the true measure of our virtue. The clothes do not maketh the man (or woman).

      Kindest regards and best wishes,

      – Joe.

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