I had another “fun” court date on Friday.

My lawyer submitted a motion asking the court to lower my $2,000,000 bail, that is totally unconstitutional and unjustified by the bail schedule that they are supposed to follow.

The judge refused to lower the bail.

My lawyer told the judge that because I’ve been incarcerated my kids are getting evicted.

She told the judge that corona-virus will hit jail soon and a lot of people will die in jail.

It’s funny that judge Yolanda Northridge who claims to care so much about Phoenix being traumatized by my love letters and money – that I allegedly sent him so he could run away from his abusive mother – the same judge that claims to be so protective of children – specifically Phoenix – doesn’t give a damn about my three kids who are literally getting thrown out on the street, and whose mother could easily die in jail from corona virus thanks to her abuse of power.

Right after refusing to reduce my $2 million dollar bail the same judge, Yolanda Northridge, went out of her way to reduce charges for a girl who had a stolen loaded gun. That girl was a very good friend of mine. I’m glad she got her charges reduced. But it’s the outrageous hypocrisy of the judge that blows me away.

DA, Brian Owens, decided to counter my lawyer’s motion with a 15-minute barrage of not just distortion, but outrageous Non-Stop lies about me. Since he has immunity and no one can sue him for his lies, he can lie all he wants with zero accountability.

He then brought Phoenix’s mother, Raven Thrasher, to the stand.

She followed with her barrage of lies. But I have to say, as stupid and outrageous as her lies ware, DA Brian Owens put her to shame with his lies.

Literally every word that came out of his vile mouth with a lie.

since they don’t have any real evidence against me they have to come up with a bunch of lies to justify their abuse of power.

Phoenix’s mother, Raven Thrasher, said that Phoenix is so terribly traumatized by my love letters, that I allegedly posted on a blog, and by me driving past their house where they used to live on one of the biggest intersections in Berkeley (Ashby and Sacramento) – three blocks away from me – Raven said that Phoenix was so traumatized that he has to see a therapist now. She said that Phoenix’s father relocated to the Bay area from Alabama to defend Phoenix from me.

3 years ago Raven kidnapped Phoenix from his father and moved from Alabama to California without telling Phoenix that he wasn’t going to be living with his dad anymore.

It’s funny how she calls me a “child abductor”. Look who’s talking.

Raven said that Phoenix’s father moved to the Bay to defend Phoenix from me. The funny (or not-so-funny) part is that in reality Phoenix’s Dad moved to the Bay area to defend Phoenix from her.

I wonder how Phoenix’s Father defends him from me. Oh I know, Every time Phoenix tries to go to my blog hoping to find a new post, his father slaps his hand and takes his phone away.

During the court hearing on Friday Raven said that the only time her so-called “family” can sleep is “When Gypsy is in jail”.

Well, I have bad news for Raven. Her peaceful sleep is almost over.

Since my charges are so outrageously false and since – believe it or not – our legal system has quite a bit of Justice built into it – my case will be over very soon. I expect to be permanently out of jail no later than at the end of May, and most likely sooner.

Now that I understand the courts process better, I have a good plan of action.

And as much as I despise the so called “Justice System” in America, I have to say that most people who are incarcerated with me do deserve to be here. In many cases the sentence is pretty short considering the crime.

As far as my case goes, I feel that even with all the lies that the DA and Raven Thrasher are going to dish out, the most they will be able to give me is a few months in jail.

Since I have already served over two months and will have served more by the time of trial (if there is even a trial), all the time that I have served will count towards my sentence. All the time served before sentencing counts as double according to a number of inmates here. So if I have served 3 months before the trial it will count as 6 months served.

So to be honest I expect the whole ordeal to be completely over by late May at the latest.

I appealed the restraining order in the fall. Unfortunately the appeal process takes a long time but it will be over in the next month or two. I’m confident that my appeal will be granted because so many of my constitutional rights were violated during that hearing that there restraining order has to be invalidated.

If it isn’t I will take it to Federal Court and once I win there I can sue the appellate Court judges. so there is actually quite a bit of Justice in our legal system – if you are willing to fight for your rights.

If the appellate Court does not dissolve the restraining order, Phoenix can petition the court himself, and get the restraining order dissolved, if he so chooses.

Since he is a minor he will need his father’s help. And if his father refuses to help him with that he can get help from lawyers at the youth shelters or from a foster parent.

I also want to give you all a report about my personal mental and emotional state while in jail.

I have turned my jail cell into a healing center.

I found a book here, by Bo Lozoff, called “We are all doing time”. He is a hippie visionary, a brilliant guy. Bo talks about transforming jail calls into Ashrams.

When I read that I realized that that was exactly what I had been doing.

I do a lot of different meditations, healing techniques, yoga and exercise. I trade most of my jail food for fruit, many girls don’t want their fruit.

I have a wonderful friend who has bailed me out before and put his house on collateral for me. He is a supporter of my body Freedom activism and my psychedelic activism and a very close family friend. He chooses to remain anonymous. He has been helping my family so much! Without his huge loving heart my family would be in a terrible situation right now.

I am so deeply grateful for this help. No words could ever express my love and gratitude for this sweet humble man.

I hope someday he will openly tell the world who he is, he’s such a blessing to our planet.

This friend has been sending me money for phone calls and food.

The choice of food that I can buy in jail is limited but is still way better than the garbage that they feed us here everyday.

So I’m doing all right in terms of my health. And no, I am not afraid of the corona-virus. Corona-virus is afraid of me.

When we were coming back to our cells from court we had to undergo a routine strip search by a female deputy.

She told us to strip naked, to bend over, to spread our butt cheeks and to cough three times.

As We were finishing up this procedure I told the deputy: “We got corona-virus, we are coughing”. she didn’t think my joke was funny. What do you think?

My daughter Inti told me that Berkeley Bowl is running out of toilet paper, I take it a lot of people are shitting themselves. Well there is no need for that.

By the way, in my humble opinion, the corona-virus threat is a fabrication created to intimidate and control the masses.

When we were coming back to our cells from court we had to undergo a routine strip search by a female deputy.

She told us to strip naked, to bend over, to spread our butt cheeks and to cough three times.

As We were finishing up this procedure I told the deputy: “We got corona-virus, we are coughing”. she didn’t think my joke was funny. What do you think?

My daughter Inti told me that Berkeley Bowl is running out of toilet paper, I take it a lot of people are shitting themselves. Well there is no need for that.

When we were coming back to our cells from court we had to undergo a routine strip search by a female deputy.

She told us to strip naked, to bend over, to spread our butt cheeks and to cough three times.

As We were finishing up this procedure I told the deputy: “We got corona-virus, we are coughing”. she didn’t think my joke was funny. What do you think?

My daughter Inti told me that Berkeley Bowl is running out of toilet paper, I take it a lot of people are shitting themselves. Well there is no need for that.

There are a lot of people who die from the flu every year. In my opinion – due to their emotional pain and poor lifestyle and diet.

There isn’t much I can do in terms of research in jail but my take on it is that corona-virus is no worse than any of the stronger viruses we have been living with forever.

I feel that the purpose of this fabricated threat is to shut down public gatherings. They are planning to use it to suppress protests that are going to erupt in the upcoming election, if they get hijacked again.

(by the way, I wrote that before my kids told me that Trump was stealing elections again).

If you wonder why it is happening in other countries too – it’s because it would be too obvious if they only did it here while Trump is being reinstalled. This is all orchestrated by the global elite whose headquarters are in England and the United States. Since the US has military bases in nearly every country, the US elections are very important to the global elite.

They are going to attempt to cancel elections altogether.

And the vaccine companies will make a ton of money once they come up with another useless and deadly vaccine.

Watch this documentary:
“Silent epidemic: the untold story of vaccines”

Are they aiming for martial law? Most likely so.

But please remember that we create our own reality and we don’t have to let them win.

What it’s really about is us facing our fears and reclaiming our personal power.

If you want to empower yourself listen to the following Lazaris recordings and do the meditations and the techniques:
The Crisis Tape
The Secrets of Manifesting what you want (part I and part II)
Transforming Fear into Amazing Success.
Here is a link to the Lazaris recordings –

I have been making tremendous progress in my healing process, in my spiritual growth, and my personal liberation process.

I don’t want to have to go to jail again to discipline myself to stay focused on my spirituality and healing. I am hoping that when I go home I will manage to discipline myself without the help of jail.

but having said that, I will say that I am deeply grateful to God, goddess, Higher Power, for putting me in this comfortable cell where I get fed every day and where I can focus on facing my issues and healing without the demand and the distractions of the outside world.

I have met so many beautiful people here who have touched my heart so deeply.

I have learned so much about humanity and its pain as well as its grate. My experience at Santa Rita Jail is invaluable in terms of how much it helped me open my heart and my mind, how much it helped me see how blind I have been all my life in my attempts to punish the world that has caused me so much pain.

Here in jail it is more obvious than it is anywhere else that our world doesn’t need anymore punishment, that what we all desperately need instead is love and healing.

Here in this jail I am surrounded by people whom they call “criminals”. My friends here are bank robbers, gang members, white collar crime people, violent offenders, and even murderers.

These women are labeled as “criminals”. While in reality they are just beautiful broken children who lashed out at the world that broke them, that shattered their hearts and souls into a million pieces.

One of the girls here who quickly became my very close friend was kidnapped and kept in captivity for a year when she was 12 years old. She was tied up, beaten and raped by an older man while pregnant with his child.

The mother of that man watched and did nothing that whole time, until the girl went into labor. At that point the mother of the rapists took her to a hospital. That’s how she was finally freed.

This girl normally doesn’t share her story. She did with me. She called me an angel. She was my bunky. Unfortunately we were separated about twenty-four hours after we met. By a power tripping deputy who was jealous of our friendship.

I am no longer able to see her but I really hope to continue our friendship when we are both free.

My other friend is an older woman in her late 50s who murdered her ex wife, her ex wife’s boyfriend, and one other person.

Her posture is always very stiff. She walks almost like a lifeless robot. She is always very quiet. It is clear that she was severely abused as a child.

I can’t touch her because she is in a red uniform. We can only talk through the cell windows, in most cases.

I passed her a note, thanking her for keeping the TV volume low, and told her that I don’t judge her, that I love her and want to help her heal.

Next time I saw her she had a beautiful radiant smile on her face. She said that she really appreciated my note. She told me that she has been meditating and practicing Catholicism and healing. I shared some healing techniques with her and she started using them.

My daughter Inti commented that this woman most likely suffers from borderline personality disorder, which comes from severe abuse. These people split personalities and do terrible things that they later deeply regret.

We were in the common area at the same time with this woman once and I asked the deputy if I could give her a hug but they wouldn’t let me, it’s against the rules since she is in red.

There are plenty of other stories I could tell about the girls at Santa Rita. Almost everyone here is addicted to drugs. A lot of the girls are sex workers, and thieves, that’s how they supported their drug habits. Their stories are heartbreaking. A lot of these girls cry in their sleep. At least half of them are homeless.

But what gives me tremendous hope is how sweet and loving these girls can be and really are underneath all their pain and rage at the world that hurt them so.

It was my mother who taught me, when I was a little girl, that people are all born innocent. That no one is born evil. She taught me that people become evil because of being abused as children. She taught me the most important truth that I know today. This truth guided me all my life. It inspired me to become a therapist, to become a healer.

I was 40 years old when I found out, through my own memories of abuse, that my mother had been raped, tortured and prostituted by her father from the time she was a baby. Her father abused me and my siblings the same way.

My mother was far from perfect. It was close to impossible to be a good mother with her history. But she was 100% not nonviolent. I can’t help but deeply admire that about her considering what she had been through as a child.

Despite the mental and emotional abuse that she subjected us to, she did love us with a passion, and she carried that spark of God in her heart that healed and transformed darkness and pain. She was a healer in her own way.

She died almost exactly 10 years ago, 2 months before I found out about the abuse she went through as a child. I was never able to talk to her about it. To offer her love, support, and forgiveness that she needed so badly, and that I was so reluctant to give her because of my own pain.


  1. anna

    hi Gypsy its anna. so sorry to hear about your troubles. Bruce sent me a link. he put some money towards your phone. is there anything you need that we could do for you?

  2. Kelly Coopman

    As I look through other sites of body freedom I see your parades and your family so often. Can’t help to wonder how you all are doing. Spoke with your daughter a while ago and the news was not good.

    1. Gypsy Taub Post author

      Dear Kelly, thank you for your kind words. I am still in jail, but i am using this opportunity to do a lot of healing work. even though this is an very difficult time for our family, we are actually doing great. i will let every one known when i get out love and peace!

  3. Sara

    Dear Gypsy,
    I am very worried about this prolonged silence.
    Are you still in jail?
    Please let us know.
    Write me here or on my email. Let me know you’re okay !!!!

    1. Gypsy Taub Post author

      Dear Sara

      thank you for your kindness. Im still in jail but im doing well. Im not sure when i will be out but i have no doubt that the future will be amazing. I will let everyone know when im out. I will organize a nude parade as soon as i get out

  4. M Alexander

    Just a crazy commentary on all this. Today in the George Floyd case, I just read that the officer they arrested had his charge upgraded and bail set at 1 million, plus same for the other officers, 1 million. It made me immediately think about your bail of 2 million! It’s just unbelievable.

    1. Gypsy Taub Post author

      thats exactly my point and all i had done was post non sexual, non threatening letters and love songs on blogs. Also , my son tryed to help his friend get away from his mothers abuse and go to a youth shelter. these are the “crimes” that we have committed.

      thank you so much for your support

  5. Steven Torrey

    Just to wish you well and hope for the best for you and your family. In your children, you have much to be proud; they are a blessing and credit to you. Steven

  6. Sara

    Dear Gypsy,
    We haven’t heard from you for a while. How are you ? When will you be let out of jail ? How are your children ?
    I’m worried!
    Give us your news.


  7. Horst Zeidler

    Hallo Gypsy,

    ich hoffe, es geht dir trotz deiner Haft einigermaßen gut, wenn man überhaupt von “gut” sprechen kann. Man kann es sich aus der Ferne nicht vorstellen, dass die Story von Romanen und Filmen auch real werden kann. Ich wünsche mir für dich, dass du aus diesem Albtraum ohne Schaden herauskommst und dass deine Angehörigen keine Probleme im Alltag erleiden.

    bleibe Gesund, viele Grüße

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