Unbroken Chain

Dear friends

This is gypsy

I’m still here at SRJ (Santa Rita Jail)

I am doing all right. I have created a really great success in my reality. (I believe that we create our reality 100%)

a few weeks ago. I sent out about a dozen letters to high-level politicians and organizations about my case, my false charges and my two million dollar bail. I attach court documents and also send them my video about my healing work with the street kids in Mexico.

Link to street kids video:

One of the recipients of my letter was attorney general Xavier Becerra. 2 days after I sent my letter I read in east bay times that Mr Xavier Becerra was working on bail relief.


Another week later Mr Becerra managed to convince the California supreme Court to reinstate bail reform that was supposed to start two years ago but was derailed by corrupt elite.

The bail reform means that all courts across California have to consider the defendant’s income that high bail, is no longer allowed. Bail has to be affordable from now on.


I don’t know if it was my letter that inspired and motivated Mr Becerra. considering the timing of this process and considering that Mr becerra’s family comes from Mexico. ( As I later found out). I wouldn’t be surprised to find out someday that it was my letter and my street kids video that inspired Mr Becerra. either way, I am deeply grateful to this wonderful Mexican man with a big Mexican heart. I appreciate him as an individual, but I have to say that it is common for Mexican people to be incredibly kind, caring, and loving.

The bail reform should help me get out soon. It won’t get my case dismissed but at least I will be able to go home. In the meantime, I have been learning a lot about myself and going through a very intense healing process. Someday I should write a book about it.

One of my latest points of focus has been forgiveness: forgiving myself and forgiving others.

I was able to completely forgive a very important person in my life And now I really want him to forgive himself.

Here’s one of the most popular grateful Dead songs about forgiveness. When I went on my first and unfortunately my only grateful Dead tour In the spring of 1995, on the first night of the tour a small crowd of deadheads ( including myself). Crashed one of the gates in the amphitheater because the show was sold out and we didn’t have tickets. We poured into the amphitheater and disappeared into the crowd. That night “unbroken chain” (which is one of there most popular songs) was played live for the very first time.

I feel that it was not a coincidence in my life. I figured out many years later that forgiveness was my life lesson.

Here’s the unbroken chain from my very first night on the only dead tour that absolutely transformed my life.

Link to Forgiving yourself Lazaris tape:


I also invite you to listen to this Lazaris tape that explain to me why I’m in jail. ( At the end of the tape). It might relate to your life as well here’s a link.

Stop negativity in its tracks link:


I’m sorry for not posting your comments. I’m will ask Daniel to post all your unpublished comments. I love you all and hope to see you soon.



3 thoughts on “Unbroken Chain

  1. Luca

    Dear Gypsy,
    is there any news about your situation? is the process in progress?
    Give us news because I’m very worried. We haven’t heard from you in a long time. Who can I contact for information?

  2. Horst Zeidler

    Hallo Gypsy,

    ich hoffe für dich und deine Kinder, dass der Wahlsieg von Biden sich positiv für dich auswirken wird.

    bleibe so stark wie bisher
    und viele Grüße Horst

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