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To whom it may concern.
I am a Norwegian documentary film director and producer. My crew and I have had the pleasure of working with (Gypsy) Oxane Taub since 2012. We produce an international documentary series that focuses on our complicated relationship with nudity, with the main focus on body shame.
Taub is one of the contributors to thew series. She has been excellent to work with, very trusting, honest and loving person. I admire her courage not to follow the flow, but stand for her own opinions even if it costs. She has been a good role model for me and many others over the years, both in terms of freedom of expression and body freedom.
With the hope that Oxane Taub soon will be able to join and take care of her family again. And that she is given good opportunities to defend herself against the charges directed at her.
Sincerely, Jan Dalchow

To whom it may concern.
I had the pleasure of watching hours of footage of Oxane Taub, her family and her friends during the last ten years, editing portions of a documentary produced by Jan Dalchow.
Oxane is an eccentric, and at times adamant about her views, but at no point watching and edition the footage did I see anything else but a loving mother, a heartfelt supporter of the freedom of expression, and a big heart.
I hope that the courts will give proper consideration for her wish for an accepting society for all people, when weighing the testimonies of the people involved in this difficult case.
In our country, Norway, we too need people who speak out and take action, even if we don’t agree with their every view they have. Our society needs her, and most of all her family needs her.
Morten Ingebrethsen

Hello Diane Regan, and the court of law. My name is Chris Sippel, and I am a supporter of Oxane Taub, (Gypsy). I met her in San Francisco during a body freedom march. She and her group accepted me with open arms, when no one else will. Because Oxane has a huge heart and is filled with compassion towards her fellow human beings. When I heard about what happened with the alleged victim it just broke my heart. Oxane just tried to someone in pain to offer help, and got in trouble for it. I myself suffer from depression, and I was also thinking about reaching out to Oxane Taub, but hesitated because of my shyness. Please release her from jail, because she is not a flight risk, she is that beautiful spark of light that needs to be shared with everyone, so her family and friends can continue to heal the earth with love.
Chris Sipple

March 3, 2021
To Whom it may concern, I am an attorney licensed in California and I have been practicing for over twenty years. I specialize in criminal defense and was a trial attorney with Federal Defenders of San Diego for thirteen of those years. Last year I represented Gypsy Taub in her criminal case in Oakland, California but due to the pandemic and travel restrictions I was unable continue representing her.
I know Gypsy Taub personally. I have spent time with her and her children, they have been guests at my home and I also stayed with them in Puerto Penasco, Mexico a few years ago where Gypsy was helping homeless youth, many who were drug addicted, to stop using drugs. She devoted herself and her time to these kids and she really was able to make a difference in their lives.
Gypsy is really a selfless person. She goes out of her way to help others. Her long career as an activist is proof of her dedication to social change. She is a wonderful mother to her three children and has instilled her beliefs in them so that they may carry on with the work she has started.
It seems a little ridiculous to me that she has a two million dollar bail and a time served offer. I understand that the charges are serious but at some point this decision needs to be reviewed by an independent body, I suggested a writ to the appellate court. I hope she is able to prevail there as there was no finding made in support of the increase in her bail to two million dollars.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.
Diane Regan; Law Office of Diane M. Regan El Centro CA

This is a letter to the present Judge presiding on the “Gypsy Taub” case.
DEAR SIR: I have known Ms. Taub for over 20 years, and resided close to her with her children in Berkeley neighborhoods. We worked together many years, making educational films teaching the public about the importance of healthy eating, and even had a community TV program on the effects of radiation on health and the environment. Ms. Taub has also worked with her children in Mexico, to help poor and orphaned children learn to do many things to improve their lives.
I can assure the Court that Ms. Taub is a good mother, with the healthiest children I have ever met, and has provided her children with constant care and loving, as well as activities and the freedom to discover many things that make a child’s life a happy learning adventure.
I hope that the Court will consider that Ms. Taub’s children need their mother, and she should be freed to go home to take care of her own children.
Thank you, Leuren Moret

Dear Judge, My name is John William MacDonald I am writing as a character witness for Oxane Taub. I have known Oxane for more than 30 years. I met her through my job as a realtor. She was looking for apartments to house her father, mother, younger sister, younger brother and the family pets – they were migrating to the US from Moscow by way of Hungary.
I have close and personal knowledge of Ms. Taub, because I lived with her and her family for over a decade. My statement to the court is that Ms. Taub has never been violent nor has she ever posed a threat to society.
Ms. Taub has dedicated her life in helping people. She has taught her children the importance of helping and loving others no matter their ethnicity or religious affiliation.
I hope that she is allowed a reasonable bail because I believe that she will use this time to take care of her family and defend her reputation with every fiber in her body. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Sincerely, John W. MacDonald

I have known Oxane for over 18 years. We have worked together on several projects over the years. I have always been impressed with her work ethics and her ability to work hard and smart to get the job done. Outside of work she is compassionate and giving.
When I was having housing difficulties, Oxane opened her house to me for several months and asked for nothing in return. I have never experienced generosity on that level.
Oxane cares deeply about her children and other children. I have observed her teach her child right from wrong with calm words and examples. She has clear and consistent rules for her children to follow.
She does not believe in spanking, but instead uses positive reinforcement and she gives them her full attention. Please if you wish for me to confirm any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Sincerely, Bruce Greenidge

March 10, 2021
Your Honor;
I am writing you on behalf of Gypsy Taub. I first met Gypsy and her 3 children when they visited me in New York in 2017. The Gypsy I know has little to no resemblance to the person the Assistant District Attorney has described in reports I have read.
While Gypsy was my house guest I observed her share numerous tender moments with her family. She exhibited compassion and when required, gentle verbal discipline to all her children. As an activist Gypsy is unafraid to voice her opinion on a variety of issues. I agree with many of the positions she holds close to her heart. From helping drug addicted “throw away” street kids in Mexico to protesting mercury levels in childhood vaccines, Gypsy is a force. I do not agree 100% with her positions but she has earned my 100% respect and admiration.
I am afflicted with multiple sclerosis. Gypsy has extensive knowledge in the field of nutrition and natural medications. She has been very helpful to me in sharing her in-depth knowledge in fighting a disease that I know will one day vanquish me. Much like Gypsy I am meeting this challenge, with her assistance, full on being my own activist in the fight of my life.
Very truly yours; Paul Brannigan

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