Letter of support from Gypsy’s son Nebo


My Mom is a Very loving and Caring Compassionate Person. She would never try to hurt

anyone and is a very Gentle Kind and caring Person.

She tried her best to make sure we where healthy and safe, She cared a lot about our well being and was always kind to us.

She loved us a lot and took us to the playground a lot when we where kids she always wanted

to make sure we where happy.

She took us to the beach a lot like Alameda so we could look for little fishies and stuff. It was a lot of fun. She took us to lake Temescal a lot so we could swim and play with the little adorable ducklings.

She really cared about us and was a good person who tried her best as a mother.

She always fed us only non-toxic Organic Food so we would be healthy and safe from the
dangers of pesticides.

My mom gave us all the toys we wanted so we would be happy, because she cared about us. She always tried her Best to make our lives happy.

She took us to go see dolphins at the aquarium regularly. My mom brought me to the Little Farm a lot in Tilden to feed and see the animals a couple times. I went in the bunny pen and pet the cute bunnys that are super adorable.

My mom brought me to music festivals that inspired me to become a guitarist and musician.

She also got me lots of guitars and musical Instruments. She brought us to museums a lot.

My mom enrolled me and my sister in video production classes at BCM (Berkeley Community Media). We Learned to use professional equipment, TV studio cameras, to setup light professionally, to do live recordings in the TV studio and to edit video footage in post-production. We also learned how to make our own TV series.

She tried her best to make my life happy. She is a caring person who tried her best as a mother.

My mom let a homeless mother and her 3 kids stay at our house for 3 months. She took her to churches to get free food for her kids. She tried her best to help her and her kids. She helped her get an RV for her family.

My mother really cares about people and always tries her best to help everyone she can.

It’s really sad that she is unfairly dying in jail. She has had asthma attacks many times in Her life. I have had to save her from choking many times. She has serious back injuries. In the jail they are using BetCo AF79 a chemical liquid that causes cancer and death Seizures and suffocation. It creates fumes that cause burning of the eyes.long term exposure causes permanent blindness. It

Causes burning to the lungs and skin it requires the highest level hazmat suit to handle or even get near it. even the fumes are very deadly. It’s a very dangerous poison. It’s being handled improperly and hazardously according to the Betco AF 79 dangers datasheet.

It’s wrong to expose anyone to this poisonous chemical so please look into this judge.

Please don’t make my mom stay in jail any longer she has already Served over 2 Years in
Prison. Please just let her out.

Please don’t leave her there to die.

I love my mom and miss her a lot. She is very important to me. It’s really hard for me take care of my younger Brother alone. We are always sad that our mother is gone and always feeling Sick from Toxic poisonous Chemicals. She suddenly started suffocating when she smelled toxic fumes from the Betco chemicals and couldn’t breathe and had to hang up on the phone, it’s really worrying we can’t sleep well at night cuz we’re always worried that she’s going to be dead the next day. Please just let her out of jail so we can rest at night without having to worry that our mother is going to die every single day.

She is also being fed rat shit its really sad and tragic.

There are also reports of rapes in Santa Rita Jail beatings by guards and even murders its a very dangerous place.

It’s really sad and tragic that it’s such a caring and compassionate person that is locked away in a prison being fed rat shit being poisoned to death. It’s frankly sad for all inmates.

My mom is a very kind person and deserves to be free please let my mother come home. Thank you your honor.

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