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George Davis pedophile

Andy Golub

It really saddens me that New York based artist Andy Golub is co-organizing a body painting event in San Francisco with George Davis after George Davis has been widely exposed for his sexual harassment of my daughter who is now 15. She was a few years younger when he first started making inappropriate moves toward her.

I posted a video where I explain in details how this scandal unfolded. In the middle of the video is an interview with my kids where they tell their side of the story. My speech at the Women’s Day Parade of 2016 where I expose Davis is also included in the video.

I received many letters of support from nudists around the world condemning George Davis’ behavior.

However, Andy Golub doesn’t feel a need to distance himself from Davis in any way. When I first called Andy and told him that Davis is a sexual predator and most likely a pedophile, when I fist told Andy my daughter’s story he said: “I wish you would have told me this a few weeks ago” before he made arrangements with George to help him get a permit. I told him that a permit is easy to obtain for anyone. I told him I could get it for him or that I could walk him through the process and that he could get a permit on his own.

However, the inconvenience of having to fill out a one-page form was more of a problem for Golub than having a pedophile as a co-organizer. Later he told me that he is on George Davis’ side because he has known him longer than he has known me.

Many people already feel uncomfortable around nude people, especially nude men. There are widespread fears of nude men being pedophiles and sexual predators. Obviously, nudity and rape don’t have to be seen as synonymous but people like George Davis and Andy Golub surely add to the problem of body shame and fear of public nudity by either perpetuating child abuse or turning a blind eye on it.

Even though body painting is seen as a form of free expression it can be in its own way an extension of body shame. Many people who feel OK walking around in public with body paint covering their bodies would not get fully naked. Body paint is almost like clothes. It may not cover your body the same way clothes do but it still does cover it. Body paint distracts the viewer from the body itself and it almost feels that the goal of body painting is often to camouflage the genital area and the nipples, you know, those “obscene” parts. It also serves to camouflage the “imperfections” such as belly fat or other things that our prude society can’t handle.

I personally prefer to see the human body in its natural form, not hidden by clothes nor paint, regardless of its shape. Genitals don’t offend me either and I don’t see any reason to paint them over.

Andy Golub is not the only pedophile-defender in our ranks. Sadly, old time San Francisco nudists Rusty Mills and Tortuga think that my daughter should just put up with George’s abuse in silence.

I tried to publish my story and video about my daughter being sexually harassed by George on the nudist email list run by Tortuga. But he censored my story and never published it. Instead he proceeded to promote George Davis’ event as if nothing had happened. When I confronted him about it in an email he simply did not respond.

I invite you all to give this some serious thought. Do you feel that my child should put up with sexual harassment in silence? Do you feel that I as a mother should just shut up in order to maintain status quo? That I should pretend that everything is OK and continue letting George Davis come to my events, make speeches and march next to my children? Should I let George Davis take my daughter alone on a boat ride as he keeps insisting? Should I wait till he rapes her? And may be I should keep it hush-hush even then?

This really reminds me of a dysfunctional family where rape and attempts to rape a child are forcefully hidden with threats and guilt trips. This whole experience with George Davis, Andy Golub, Rusty Mills, Tortuga and a few other child-rapist defenders reminds me of my own father who still refuses to believe me that I was raped and prostituted by my grandfather as a young child. I can’t even begin to describe that feeling. Kind of makes me want to kill myself.

Gypsy Taub


IN THE MIDDLE of this video is an interview with my children about George Davis’s sexual harassment of my daughter. That video also includes my speech at the Women’s Day nude event in APril of 2016 where I exposed George Davis publically.