4 thoughts on “My Naked Truth TV – Travis part 1

  1. Dizzy

    Gypsy, I love♥ that you honor and give a voice to those who otherwise are denied one on your program.

    Koatree, where was the cuddle therapy when ‘good christian churches were burning ‘witches'(basically a catch-all term at the time for ANYONE different or out of step with the community) at the stake?

    Or how about more recently when the Indians were be being both massacred and cheated – the US broke most ‘agreements'(as if they weren’t unfavorable enough already to the natives), read: “A People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn for what they leave out of the history books.

    My observation (from time in a touchy-feely church) is that it is a very conditional ‘love’ that lasts until you leave the church or group in question. Real love is unconditional as opposed to that found in ALL religion which has been used as an instrument of control that keeps people from reaching their true potential.

  2. Lustful Goddess

    Cuddle therapy at a Christian church? Are you referring to priests molesting children? Or are you referring to inquisition? Christian church is the biggest prostitute and thief known to humankind. And you are simply jealous of other people’s freedom.

  3. Koatree

    If you attend a good christian church you can get all the cuddle therapy you want for free. The opinion of a gay sex worker and a whore doesn’t carry any weight with me at all. You say you have intergrity which is like saying there’s honor amoung thieves. A prostitute is a criminal period!

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