Dear body freedom supporters,

Please join us for a protest against the nudity ban on the 1-year anniversary of its implementation. Please come to Jane Warner Plaza on Saturday, February 1st @ 12 noon for a rally and a body freedom parade. (In case of rain the protest will be held at the Center for Sex and Culture at 1349 Mission Street in San Francisco.)
We have come a long way in this past year. The power brokers are starting to realize that we are not going to give up our rights to body freedom.

While a year ago I was instantly arrested in the middle of my speech along with 3 other nudist activists, this time around the police department is actually considering giving us a permit. We are still waiting for their final word. In the past we applied for parade permits 7 times and each time we were denied or ignored. This time for the first time ever our permit application is going to be sent to the higher management, and is most likely to be approved. (Stand by for more announcements in the near future.)

During the nude wedding that we had in front of the City Hall on December 19 the SFPD left us alone for at least 30 minutes and let us not only do our vows naked but to dance naked for a long time. This change of attitude is the direct result of citywide and international publicity that our movement has generated since the fall of 2013. Our greatest success with local publicity so far was the front page article in the SF Chronicle that came out 2 days before the wedding. At that point the attitude of SFPD made a 180 degree turn. In contrast, on December 15, 2 days before the front page article came out we were having a protest in the Castro and the SFPD threatened us with arrests right away. Even though it was a 1st amendment protected event (protest) they had no problem violating our constitutional rights. And then 4 days later (2 days after the SF Chronicle article) we were left alone for a long time at the wedding. I am sure the presence of a huge amount of reporters from all over the world also contributed to our success. If you do a Google search for “nude wedding San Francisco” you will see pages and pages of links to all sorts of publications all over the world. The word is really getting out.

I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for your invaluable support and dedication to body freedom. Many people contributed to our success in many different ways. Together we are winning! The tide has turned.

Please join us on February 1st – hopefully we are going to have a permit and be able to get completely nude without risking getting cited or arrested. Please make a speech if you have some thoughts to share. I am looking forward to seeing you!

Naked hugs,



My Naked Truth TV – Ambrosia from Gypsy Taub on Vimeo.

A nude interview with Ambrosia Luna Noire, a top-free activist in San Francisco.

5 thoughts on “NUDITY BAN PROTEST – FEBRUARY 1ST @ 12 NOON – JANE WARNER PLAZA, San Franciscso

  1. MikeVa

    I’ve been following your movement for a good while now. I just watched the video and according to “the Weenie” they were supposed to cite Gamli and maybe take him to the courthouse but I really believe that you have some lawsuit material this time. They were using unnecessary force when they took him down that way – clothed or not. Your strap-on should have been enough to satisfy the requirements laid down by the King Weenie. You are lucky to live in an area where you can be nude at all. On this side of the country, if you “whip it out” in public for ANY reason, you can be arrested, charged with “indecent exposure” thrown into prison and put on a sex offender list for life, just for being nude. You don’t have to be playing with yourself or anything – just be nude where anyone else can see you and you’re gone. I hate to say it, but maybe you should take what they gave you and be happy with that (parades etc.) Also, I would be interested if you would consider interviewing your kids and getting their thoughts on what you are doing. They are bound to have friends who give them a hard time about your activities. I am not asking that they be nude like your other guests, unless of course they want to, but I would be interested in their thoughts on the matter.
    Thank you and best of luck. I will continue to follow your activities.

  2. Albert Giesbrecht

    Gypsy, I was wondering if there are any regular nudist events in San Fransisco. In Vancouver we have 4 nudist events called swims, every month from October to June. They are held on Saturday evenings at public swimming pools. And, of course, we have the world famous Wreck Beach.

    I was wondering, because I was looking online for such events in your area, and I couldn’t find any. I was planning on visiting this year, and would rather not face arrest.

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  4. Ambrosia Noire

    Thank you Gypsy for the chance to be interview it really was amazing being the one in front of the camera. I seen also of people that you have had on so it was unreal for me to be the one there.

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