Dear body freedom supporters,

one of the leading San Francisco body freedom activists George Davis is facing 3 months in jail for making a nude speech in Washington DC. This is not just a blatant violation of our First Amendment rights- freedom of speech and freedom of self-expression. It’s an outrageous insult to human dignity. To make things worse, there will be no jury, the decision will be made by a judge. George’s trial is scheduled for August 11.

Please come join us for an emergency protest to support George Davis and to send a message to the DC police department, the DA and the Judge! Since DC is the capital of the United States our protest will also be sending a message to the whole nation.

The emergency protest will be held in front of the CITY HALL in San Francisco on THURSDAY, AUGUST 6 @ 12 NOON.

Here are some details of George Davis’ trial:

Charge: Indecent Exposure

Defense to Charge: No lewd conduct or intent present. Public nudity used for political and artistic expression.

Defendant: George Davis, body freedom activist and contributing editor to the book: Free Your Body, Free Your Mind

Significance of this court decision: This is a non-jury trial with a potential 90-day sentence. If George Davis is found “not guilty” by the judge, a precedent would be established to allow public nudity for political and artistic expression in Washington, D.C., enabling this city to join progressive world class cities like New York City, London, Amsterdam, and Berlin where these freedoms are currently recognized. The rest of the USA and the world would take notice of this “not guilty” decision and be influenced by it.

On the other hand, if George Davis is found “guilty”, critics who consider Washington, D.C. a provincial, backwards, reactionary town may find their opinions justified.

Facts: About noon, May 1, 2015, George Davis, Stacey Lunin (a well-known NYC body freedom activist), a sketch artist, and videographer went to the Reflecting Pool by the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. The plan was for George and Stacey to undress, make short body freedom speeches, to pose for sketch artist(s), dress, and leave. George Davis sent media releases of the event to the Capitol Police, DC District Attorney, and DC Mayor’s office, and to international, national, and local news media, and to the DC art community. Except for the Capitol Police, nobody showed up at the Reflecting Pool. This event took place at the same time as the “Black Lives Matter” riots in Baltimore– a higher priority story for news editors to dispatch reporters to than this event. Nevertheless, George Davis proceeded to undress and make a Body Freedom speech. He was immediately arrested and charged with “indecent exposure”.

Legal case law in America holds that simple nudity is not lewd. For the charge of “indecent exposure” to hold, the DA must prove lewd (sexual) intent. Unless they intend to lose, few district attorneys would allow a case like this to go before a knowledgeable judge or jury. Mr. Davis’s court appointed attorney told him that the DC Capitol Police pressured the DA to prosecute this case so that the Capitol Police would know the judicial reaction to future Body Freedom actions in DC.

PS: Please donate to help us pay our lawyers who are preparing to file an appeal in the 9th Circuit Court! Thank you so much to everyone who donated in the past. Paying our bill for July was a challenge, but thanks to a very generous donor who made a $400 donation we were able to do it and have $20 left for the month of August. Please send us what you can via paypal to gypsytaub(at)gmail. If you need to mail a check or if you want to send a payment to Gill Sperlein directly please let me know and I will provide the address.


Dear body freedom supporters,

It is hard to believe that in the 21st century in a country that calls itself civilized a man can be arrested and imprisoned for merely taking his clothes off!
Technology is moving forward, and so is the revolution of consciousness. But the fascist minority is still at the wheel in America!

George Davis, one of the leading body freedom activists in the US, was arrested and charged with indecent exposure in Washington DC. He is now facing 3 months in jail for merely taking his clothes off and making a speech. He was exercising his 1st amendment rights, his rights to freedom of self-expression. Washington DC doesn’t have any respect for the constitution.

Had George punched someone in the face he would be facing less jail time.

The DC Police department allegedly pressured the DA to charge George with indecent exposure and to give him a trial without a jury. George’s public defender, or should I say “public pretender” told George not to contact the media. I wonder why that is! I wonder who is whispering in his ear.

It’s such a paradox that in the capital of the United States, Washington DC, where our government made so many criminal decisions, where so many crimes against humanity were conceived and born, with no repercussions whatsoever, a man gets thrown in jail for 3 months for wearing his own skin.

When I lived in Russia I was ashamed of being a Soviet citizen. I dreamed of coming to America seeking dignity and freedom. But now I am no less ashamed of being an American citizen. When I travel I feel embarrassed when I have to show my American passport.

In America violence is glorified on every street corner. Just look at the bill boards! Any time of the day you can see yet another so-called “hero”, a man of violence, obviously from his weapons, his threatening body labguage and his utterly hateful cold-hearted face. He is usually staring right at you to instill fear, intimidation and shame.

Who needs Hitler when you have Hollywood and Disney? Who needs Hitler when you have Fox News? Who needs Hitler when you have the Big Pharma, the DEA and their forced vaccination of children with deadly and disease producing vaccines? Who needs Hitler when you have FEMA detention camps, when you have the NSA?

Hitler couldn’t have dreamed of such a superb surveillance program. Hitler couldn’t have dreamed of having full control of such powerful cable channels. He couldn’t have dreamed of having his very own propaganda channel like Fox News. He couldn’t have dreamed of all the weapons of mass destruction produced in America, just a few miles south of here.

Hitler’s wet dream was to control the whole planet. America is almost there. America has 900 military bases in 130 countries. There are only 196 countries total, and America has military control of 2/3 of them. I am sure Hitler is rolling in his grave from jealousy.

We all know that Hitler targeted Jews and Gypsies. Most of us know that Hitler targeted gay people. What most of us don’t know is that Hitler also targeted nudists.

We are dealing with fascism, dear friends, nothing short of fascism.

I heard a number of years ago on KPFA that 400,000 Immigrants had disappeared at the US-Mexican border. About a week ago I read about mass graves of immigrants that were discovered in Texas. The authorities said that no laws were broken. They are saying that everything is just fine, everything is OK. No worries! Yet in the same country a man who took his clothes off for a few minutes and made a speech, is facing jail time. What next?

And here is what is next: forced vaccination. Corrupt Senators who are known to have taken bribes from the Vaccine manufacturers blatantly manipulated the system right in front of us all, and by hook and crook passed the draconian bill SB277 that mandates forced vaccination of all school children. Even though vaccines cause hundreds of deaths and thousands of sever adverse reactions every year, parents are now deprived of the choice to decide if they want to vaccinate their kids or not.

This is a blatant violation of body freedom. When the government declares that our bodies belong to it and not to us, that they will make decisions about our bodies for us and severely punish us for resisting their measures, I say, a revolution is way overdue at that point.

Luckily, senator Tim Donnelly launched referendum to overturn California’s forced vaccination law SB277. I hope this draconian law stops right there and gets revoked in the other 2 states where it passed.

But we, the nudists, the naturists and everyone who agrees that we should be free to choose how to dress and how to undress, we need to build a movement, we need to make our voices heard loud and clear all over the nation and all over the world.

We have been hiding behind our clothes for too long. We are all nudists under our clothes. We all have bodies and we all need to accept our bodies in order to be happy, in order to be free emotionally and mentally. Just as we need to accept ourselves psychologically in order to be happy so we need to accept our bodies. People who don’t accept themselves become either severely depressed and suicidal or psychopathic and violent. Body shame and body freedom are not he only factors in self-acceptance but they do play a very big role.

Look at our psychotic culture! Look how much money and time we spend desperately trying to misrepresent our bodies and our faces. If we would all just stop competing with each other and just drop the pretense, think of how much happier our society would be and how much money we would save on clothes that distort our natural body shape, limit our blood circulation, often make us hot and uncomfortable, shoes that destroy our backs and deform our feet (especially women’s shoes).

If we were free to take all our clothes off on a hot day, if we were used to seeing each other naked, would there ever be a need to worry about what is going to happen when someone we are attracted to finally sees us naked? It would just be “take it or leave it”, “what you see is what you get”. No games, no need to play games.

Wouldn’t it be even better if we also accepted ourselves and each other regardless of our body shapes? That will happen in time, but it will never happen until we start taking our clothes off in public. That’s the most basic thing that needs to happen, and then we can loosen up and relax further.

Eventually, nudity is not going to be a big deal even in America. Eventually, we are going to stop being obsessed with distorting our body image with clothes. Once we become used to seeing ourselves and each other naked, we are going to stop feeling so insecure about our bodies. Then we can have real body freedom! Then we can have real human dignity. Then we can experience true happiness and joy together.

Let’s do it! If you are not a nudist already, please, join our ranks, we need you, we need all of you. You are all welcome, any age, any body shape, any body color.
Please don’t let your body shame imprison you! Don’t let it run your life. Don’t let the government use it to control you, to control your freedom, your sense of dignity, your sexuality.
So much of the body shame agenda is about controlling our sexuality.

Many people feel that nudity violates moral boundaries. Here is what I have to say in response to that: “If your moral values fall apart as soon as you take your clothes off, that shows that you have no moral values.” If human dignity had to depend on clothes – as they constantly brainwash us to believe – we would be in huge trouble, and there would be no hope at all. Thank God, that real moral values are not affected by clothes. Or lack thereof.

A rapist will find a way to rape. Clothes have never stopped anyone from raping. Nor have they saved anyone from being raped.

However, cultures that are open-minded about sex and who practice body acceptance are known to have much lower incidents of rape than cultures that are filled with body shame and sexual oppression.

Let’s wake up to reality and let’s let go of the oppressive and groundless myths that we have been taught for generations. Let’s embrace consciousness and human dignity that comes from the heart, and not from a suit and a tie. Let’s be kind to one another and respect each others sexual boundaries, regardless of how much or how little we choose to wear.

Let’s be kind and let’s stop judging ourselves and each other for not having the body of Miss America. Even Miss America’s body will change when she has a baby, when she gets older. Let’s stop hating ourselves for the laws of nature. Let’s stop playing God and let’s let the true God come out from within. Let’s embrace a future free of hate, free of self hate, free of fear and shame, free of despair, free of oppression, free of exploitation, free of injustice.

Please support George Davis! If he is imprisoned we are all imprisoned. By putting him in jail they are putting us all in jail. In a society where one is unjustly imprisoned no one is free.

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