Nude Summer of Love Parade in San Francisco - May 20, 2017

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Nude Summer of Love Parade in San Frnaicso – May 20, 2017 from Gypsy Taub on Vimeo.


Dear body freedom lovers,

our Nude Parade is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love!

The hippie movement was born here, in San Francisco. It sent such powerful ripples of love throughout our whole planet that it changed the world forever.

It brought us a spiritual awakening of unprecedented proportions, which in turn lead to a powerful peace movement, sexual liberation, body freedom, women’s rights, civil rights, animal rights, environmental protections and other grass roots movements on all fronts of human existence.

It brought us spiritual and emotional liberation through music, theater, dance and other forms of art. It brought us a much stronger and more real sense of community, communion with nature, unity of the heart and spirit that brought together nations across the world. We were invited to think and feel globally, to wake up from the nightmare of corporate greed and exploitation, to heal our emotional wounds and to find our true core of power in order to create a brilliant future that will unfold throughout generations to come.

The Summer of Love began in the 60s but it never ended. It continues to transform humanity in new ways that keep evolving and seducing more and more people into love, compassion and world peace.

Powerful sacred plant healers such as marijuana, magic mushrooms, peyote, ayahuasca and sacred plant derivatives such as LSD, DMT and MDMA (ecstasy) played a huge role in our expansion of consciousness and our emotional healing.

So who are the hippies and what is the hippie movement really about?

There is no one answer to this question, neither is it humanly possible to truly understand it.

The only thing I can do is share my personal experience.

I was introduced to the Grateful Dead scene about 25 years ago. My life was never the same again.
It was my childhood dream come true. It was a mystical adventure with beautiful loving people, it was a journey of discovery, an irresistible invitation to follow your bliss, an inspiration to begin again, to truly live life to the fullest. It was a breath of fresh air, a storm of freedom and liberation, a waterfall of passion, an ocean of love.

Enchanted by the beautiful music, seduced by the warm smiles, the loving hugs and the endless words of affection, I felt like a baby cradled in the arms of the Goddess who always guided me when I felt lost, who gave me hope when I felt despair, who healed my wounds when I was in pain.

I didn’t know where my hippie adventure was going to lead me, I just followed with all my heart. It kept growing and changing, opening more and more new doors. Just when I thought I had an idea of what it was all about, it showed me more, as the horizons became greater and greater until I realized that the journey was endless.

How can I possibly put into words? It is impossible. Words but barely scratch the surface.

The hippie movement is about choosing love over fear, it’s an endless adventure of self-discovery and personal as well as global healing, healing that just gets deeper and deeper as it transforms your life over and over again, as it makes your soul blossom, your spirit soar, as your hopes and dreams manifest. The world pauses in awe of its own beauty, as the song of the Universe seduces us all into a blissful passionate dance, a life changing love making ceremony as our hearts beat to its drum in unison.
Although there is a lot of pain and fear in this world it is important to remember that it is the darkest before the dawn. Our world is in a spiritual transition of unprecedented proportions. The pain that we feel is the birthing pain as we give birth to a new world, a new humanity, a new future.

We are honored to be part of this movement. We celebrate the spark of consciousness that spread like wild fire and woke us up. The world will never be the same. We will never be the same.
Let’s shed our clothes. let’s shed our inhibitions, our self-doubt and self-hate. Let’s wake up to the love, to the flame that burns so hot within our hearts. Let’s show the world that we as the human race have nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to fear. Let’s spread freedom and personal liberation! Let’s demonstrate that we are not afraid to be vulnerable, that we are not afraid to be free.

45 thoughts on “NUDE SUMMER OF LOVE PARADE – SATURDAY, MAY 20th @ 10 AM @ Jane Warner Plaza

  1. Belgian Nudist

    Fantastic events and super that you propagate the nakedness as such. I am a naturist myself for many years and if I would live any closer, I would be happy to join your movement.
    And btw, after reading the comments above: a big applause for your kids in willing to participate! I know from experience that kids of that age are often very shy and even wear towels at nudist camps all the time. Good to see that there still are kids who are proud of their bodies.
    Keep on the good work, all of you!

  2. Harry

    I have to applaud all of you, I myself am far too shy and introverted to even attempt doing anything like this – it is often a mission to even so much as go topless at a swimming pool or in a public park on a hot day, I believe it stems from my anxiety and fear of everyone is looking at me, either laughing or pointing out my acne-scars, not something I can help or make go-away.

    I just wish I had the courage that you and your family/friends have <3

    1. Gypsy Taub Post author

      thank you, Harry, we appreciate your support! Body shame is a very deep wound, and i totally understand how you feel…

      I recommend facing your fear. I recommend that you do a meditation a few times. Sit down, relax and close your eyes. Imagine yourself getting naked in public and visualize the worst possible outcome. really let yourself feel the humiliation, the pain, the hurt and whatever comes up. Repeat this meditation a few times and play it though till the bitter end. And then play it through backwards and then upside down. Next time play it through with funny music and turn it into a theatrical production. Most likely you will be done with this fear before you know it. Let me know your thoughts.

  3. Mark

    Great parade, but I was wondering, so how do your kids feel actually being in public like this? Have they ever had doubts? Were they raised in a nude enviroment at home? Do they plan on continuing this? Just curious.

    1. Gypsy Taub Post author

      they are comfortable with nudity at home and at hot springs. As far as events go they weren’t always comfortable but comfortable enough to join the parade. They pretty much started participating nude as soon as we got our first permit. They don’t always want to go because they would rather stay home instead and have fun at home. Inti didn’t want to go nude after some pervert took a lot of pictures of her and she was just topless at he next event. But then I told her to let me know right away next time and I will make anyone who makes her uncomfortable leave. She ended up going nude at the event after that. My kids always have a choice whether to go to my events or not. Sometimes I bribe them with Subway sandwiches (we normally don’t eat that kind of food). Nebo loves going to my events, he enjoys the social atmosphere. Inti and Daniel are more shy. However, Inti recently said that it is fun to be an inspiration to other people and that it feels empowering to be in my parades. Daniel is not planning to go to the next parade. He is going camping with a friend instead.

      1. kimi

        Speaking of them , your older son has an interesting , or what i`d call not an everyday name.
        Nebosvod .. now if you seperate the name into two words i know that Nebo is sky and Svod is i guess a passage or a gate ,am i wrong? Sounds cool.

        1. Gypsy Taub Post author

          koszonom szepen!

          Nebosvod means “the sky” in Russian, “Nebo” is the most common word for “sky” and svod makes it more like the visible part of the sky. I got his name in a dream when i was pregnant with him. In my dream I saw a young man with light brown hair. And he kept saying: “Nebosvod”. I asked him if he was my baby and if he wanted me to name him Nebosvod. He said “yes” to both. I didn’t know if I was having a boy or a girl. I decided that if I have a boy i will definitely name him Nebosvod.

  4. kimi

    hi pps hi Gypsy

    I dont wanna be the devils advocate , tho i think what Maria said ,is what most ppl tought (she was speaking her mind ,if she`s a she).
    Yes, sometimes its better to keep your toughts to your self ,but then again ,there aint noting wrong with being honest either.
    I do agree that that is not how you judge a person tho of course, i dont know any of you personally but from what little i did see , Dani looks like a little goofy kid 🙂

    best regards and Jó éjszakát mindenkinek 🙂

    1. Gypsy Taub Post author

      Beszelsz magyarul? Magyar vagy?

      I have to agree with everybody who was offended by the penis size comments about my son. What people may notice is one thing, what they choose to express and how – is another. It’s not even what so-called Maria said (although I am convinced that its a man not a woman, because women don’t do around admiring big dicks, it’s a masogynistic man’s idea that a big dick is something to be proud of), it’s not what that Maria-imersonating man said but how he said it. It’s also the only thing he had to say, period. And he is not being honest at all because first of all he is hiding his true identity and pretending to be a woman.

      Furthermore, if someone is a pedophile and they are proud of it you could say “there is nothing wrong with being honest”. True that, but the problem is that there is something very wrong with being a pedophile.

      That’s the problem with the person who is pretending to be a chick named Maria. Most likely he is not a woman but a man and a pedophile. He surely sounds like one. That’s what’s wrong.

      1. kimi

        hi Gypsy
        Igen magyar vagyok.

        I understand what you are saying, i just hope that I didnt say anything wrong ,cause that wasnt my intention.

        1. Gypsy Taub Post author

          thank you, I understand what you mean. I didn’t feel offended by what you said. I just think that if you look deeper there is more to this comment than meets the eye.

      2. Michael

        Wow I just saw this thread and wanted to share that I was at an event of Gypsy’s last year and had the chance to meet and talk with her and her kids and all were very sweet, gracious, polite and kind. If people judged me by the size of my genitalia I would be friendless lol. To boil a kid down to penis size is horrible. We are all so much more then our genitals. To make comments on a kids penis size is definitely out of line and most definitely the comment of a pedo. Gypsy I’m proud of you and your kids for still holding to your beliefs about nudism even when people like this make comments like this. Kudos to you all for what you do, stand up for, and believe in!! I hope to see you all at another event soon!

          1. Michael

            Happy to say it Gypsy! I applaud you for letting your kids choose to go outside naked even when weirdos like “Maria” make comments like that. It shows you all are comfortable enough in your own skin to not let it phase you too much. I wish I was braver!! I hope to see you all at an event soon!!

  5. Eliza

    Can you please post the full length YouTube video of your 2017 Nude Summer of Love parade so we can join you in spirit.

    1. Eliza

      Thanks for your nice reply two years ago. I’m visiting my nudist sister back east next month and would love to show her the whole 2017 Nude Summer of Love parade video. Any chance this could happen? I love what you do Gypsy!


  6. Maria K

    Hi Gypsy! Fellow member of the nude pride movement here. ^_^ Keep up the good work!

    P.S. I couldn’t help but notice your sons size. Haha. He is already twice the size of most adults. He should be proud.

      1. Gypsy Taub Post author

        I agree, the comment by Maria K is disturbing. A world where the value of a person is assessed by the size of their body parts is a truly ugly and miserable world.

        People who come in contact with Daniel often notice the beauty of his spirit. It’s kind of sad that Maria K noticed his penis size and nothing else about him, sad for her.

        And of course, such a comment directed at a child is inappropriate. Frankly, it’s a shallow comment regardless of who it’s directed at.

    1. Mark

      @ Maria: Jesus, there are some fucked up people on the internet. You look at this entire great and important movement and all you see is the penis of a kid? What is wrong with you?

    2. Tony T

      “Maria” if indeed you are a Maria and I seriously doubt that you are even a female. You are certainly no friend of naturism. If you were you would certainly not be making inappropriate comments about the endowment of a young teen boy. Shame on you.

  7. Paul

    Hi Gypsy,
    Are there plans to post a Summer of Love 2017 video on this site or another site such as Vimeo? Can you please post the URL if the post is not on this site. Best to you and your family. Thanks.

    1. Eliza

      Thank you for the 10 min video of your speech at your 2017 Nude Summer of Love Parade on YouTube. Like for your other parades can you post a full length video of the parade – we’d love to view it and “march” beside you and your followers.

  8. Alvin

    Will you post photos from this event on this page? You didn’t upload any photo from the last other parade. For the ones of us that missed it.

  9. Rob R

    I saw some photos online. Looked like you had a great day. Will you be marching in the SF Pride parade again this year?

  10. John solis

    Loved dancing in street video . Do you appear on Lustful Goddesswebsite?
    I would love to appear in parade and Goddess website I have girlfriend who would like to appear on website also

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