Pride Parade Invitation

WE MEET ON MAIN ST BETWEEN MISSION AND HOWARD AT 11:30 AM, we are expected to start marching at 12:30 PM.

Contingent name: BODY FREEDOM LOVERS

Contingent number: #169


BRING: water, sunscreen, healthy snack, comfortable shoes, Summer-of-Love themed adornments, peace flags, flowers, hippie hats etc…

All participants will need to be FULLY NUDE. Adornments are fine but breasts and genitals should be uncovered.

The San Francisco Body Freedom Lovers will march in the Gay Pride Parade this Sunday as the Nude Summer of Love contingent.

by Gypsy Taub:

On this 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love we are proud to march nude in the Gay Pride Parade as the Body Freedom Lovers. We proudly celebrate our bodies as well as the spirit of the 60s that brought us profound spiritual awakenings as well as sexual liberation and body freedom. Just as the gay/bisexual/transgender folks fight for their freedom of choice to do what they please with their own bodies so do we join the same fight to do what we please with our bodies. Not only do we have the right to make love to our lovers in any way we want, we also have the right to dress or undress the way we want. We have no reason to be ashamed of our God-given bodies, just as we have no reason to be ashamed of our God-given desires. We all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That’s why we demand that the government keep its laws off our bodies! We demand the repeal of the nudity ban that criminalizes the human body in its most natural form. The nudity ban is not only unconstitutional – for it violates our freedom of expression, not only does it go against the Declaration of Independence – for it deprives us of liberty in our pursuit of happiness. The nudity ban goes against the most basic common sense and against nature, our very own human nature.

We will march in solidarity with those who have fought and who continue fighting for our freedom to be ourselves, our freedom to love ourselves and to love others in the ways we choose without being subjected to government tyranny.

The Summer of Love continues as we continue to celebrate love and freedom, as we continue to protest against government oppression, as we stand up for our basic right to be human.

Dear body freedom lovers,

we are going to have a nudist contingent at the Gay Pride Parade this year again.

We are going to repeat the Summer of Love theme for the Pride Parade since this year is the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love and since our earlier parade went so well! We had 60 nude participants and the parade was awesome!

I posted a photo gallery and a video clip of my speech here:


I am hoping to find time to edit the whole parade video in the near future.

Please join us at the Pride parade! And please tell your nudist friends.

Happy Nude Summer of Love!



  1. david crozby

    I love to see your movement grow and go forward every where people like us who enjoy the freedom of being naked as nature intended. being nude is an expression of joy and nothing wrong about being happy unclothed, so more power to you and love your photos, it gives me hope someday other people will be less hung up with negative vibes. peace out.

    1. Gypsy Taub

      No, it’s not a shame at all. Daniel doesn’t owe you anything, neither does he owe anything to anyone. I respect his freedom of choice. And I don’t appreciate you trying to pressure me into bringing him next time out of guilt.

      What makes us a strong family is mutual respect and not being on public display nude against our will.

      So don’t even go there!!!

      1. Steve

        Right on, Gypsy. Not sure why some peeps are so focused on individual attendees. I have my suspicions but I’ll keep them to myself.

        Now I will admit my own shame. Body Freedom is one of the biggest issues I believe in. What you have done for the cause is inspiring. I will no longer miss opportunities to attend and will proudly march with you and others from here on out. Thank you so much for bringing this important issue to the forefront and I look forward to being there next time!

        1. Gypsy Taub Post author

          thank you and i am really happy to hear that you have decided to drop your inhibitions and your pants/skirt with us! Looking forward to marching with you next time, Steve!

          As far as your suspicions about that person who insists that my son Daniel should be there – i share your suspicions and you don’t need to keep them to yourself. I bet that dude is a pedophile that’s why he is trying to guilt trip me into bringing my son to the next event. Shame on people like that!!!

          1. Lukas

            That suspicion was the first thought that came to my mind too. And I’m almost willing to bet that same person is the one that posted as Maria in a previous post about the child’s genatalia size. When that post was initially made, my sixth sense said it was some dude in disguise. I was raised in nudist resorts from the time I landed on this planet. By the time I was 11 or 12, I could spot an occasional creepy guy at the resort gawking. Usually single, and a resident with a trailer on site. And occasionally one of these creepers that made it into the resort would try and start up a conversation with me. I can always spot them like the plague, the older I got, the more grossed out it made me. I’m 23 now, and from my observations, whenever there is an event like this, or the family nudist resorts with children, you can count on the fact there will be one or more of these lonely pedophile creeps lurking amongst the crowd. Keep your kids safe.

          2. gypsy

            Lucas, tank you and yes what you are saying makes a lot of sense. I am very vigilant when it comes to my kids and am well aware of pedophiles being not just at nudist resorts but many other places. What’s sad is that many of them are not nearly as obvious as the ones you describe. My kids are very well educated on this issue. thank you for caring!

  2. Mikal

    Looking forward to getting body-painted and marching with the contingent. Thanks for all the hard work you do organizing these events, Gypsy!

  3. Eric Smtih

    Good luck at the parade – hope you all have a great time. Wish I could join everyone there but I live in Vancouver BC so I’ll go nude at the Pride Parade here instead!!

    Keep up the great work with your website – you are an inspiration!


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