by Gypsy Taub

Struggle is nothing
But a war with myself.
We live in a Universe
Of free will.

I struggle
When I forget that I am loved.
I struggle
When I forget that there is God.

I struggle
When I refuse to receive,
When I turn my back
On the Goddess.

I struggle
When I refuse to love myself,
When I lock myself in a cage
And throw away the key.

Why do I struggle?
What am I trying to prove
And to whom?

Self-judgement and self-hate
Are fertile soil for the negative ego.
It gets bloated
When we nobelize struggle.

What is so noble about struggle?
Drop that self-importance
And let the love in for a change.

You can create miracles
Out of thin air,
Out of the stars,
Out of the clouds.

You can create
Anything you want –
A world so beautiful,
Beyond your wildest dreams.

But you need to let go of the lie
That you keep telling yourself:
That you are not good enough,
That you are not loved enough,

That you don’t deserve
To be loved,
That you can never
Be forgiven.

Open your heart,
Let the sunshine in,
Let joy sweep you off your feet,
Don’t worry about drowning in it.

Don’t be afraid
To be blinded by your own light,
Let it shine, let it shine
Through the day and through the night.

You are not alone –
Because we are one.
Our hearts beat in unison
To the same drum.

You don’t need permission
To love and to be loved.
Freedom comes from within,
From your mind, from your heart.

Freedom is something
You give yourself.
It’s already in you,
Just let it flow.

Open your heart
And give it all away.
It’s a bottomless well,
It is here to stay.

Let the love flow
Into yor world,
Heal it with magic
Of your limitless soul.

Reach into your heart –
And you will find God,
And then you can make
Any dream come true.

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