Dear Nancy,

My name is Gypsy (Oxane) Taub. I am the ex-wife/partner of David DePape and the mother of his children.

I want to reiterate my apology to you about what happened at your house 2 weeks ago.

I am deeply sorry for the incident that happened at your house. I am deeply sorry for all the pain and anguish that you must be going through. You have done nothing to deserve that. You are an amazing, selfless and courageous person. You are one of the most beautiful and most powerful people on this planet. You are loved and admired by so many progressive people all over the world.

I followed your mind-blowing activism against Trump. Very few people on this planet have the kind of courage that you have. And for that you have earned my unwavering respect and admiration. No matter what happens in the future, you will always hold a special place in my heart.

I am an activist myself. I too have risked my freedom and my life to expose government crimes and to help people. Because of my own experiences, I believe I have a good understanding of what it takes to do what you have done.

It takes immense courage, and courage comes from love. Love has to be bigger than fear. Standing up against the criminal elite that Trump represents required the kind of courage that only an enormous amount of love could sustain.

You have a huge heart. You are in touch with higher power. You are in touch with God and Goddess. I want to thank you for bringing us that divine love, for healing humanity from darkness and pain. I want to thank you for loving humanity more than you love yourself. You are my hero. You are nothing short of a saint. I will always admire you. I will always be inspired by your love and your light.

I hope you come out of this crisis stronger than you were before. I hope you and your husband find healing and inner peace that you both deserve, that we all deserve.

Regardless of what happened at your house, I have compassion for everyone involved. I wish everyone healing. I hope we can all grow and heal from this experience. No one deserves to suffer. Everyone deserves to be loved. Everyone deserves forgiveness.

I don’t know what happened at your house. I don’t know why it happened. We have no way of knowing anything because no body cam footage and no security camera footage has been released.

News reports blatantly contradict each other and are being deleted from the news sites.

NBC News reporter Miguel Almaguer was suspended from the network for his report. He reported that when the police arrived at your house, “Paul opened the door and did not immediately declare an emergency or try to leave his home. Instead, he started walking towards the assailant and away from the police…It is unclear why Paul didn’t try to flee or tell the responding officers that he was in distress.”

If you have any control of this investigation (which I am not going to assume you do), please tell the authorities to release the security camera footage, the body camera footage from different angles, the entire dispatch tape and witness interviews instead of spreading conspiracy theories about David. The American people deserve to know the truth, and David deserves real justice, which he is not going to be able to get in the midst of this massive cover up.

David has a dislocated shoulder either from police brutality or for some other reason. It’s a very painful injury. I hope they let David see our family doctor/chiropractor/healer who can help him better than anyone else can.

I want to tell you about David, about his views and his life.

Our son Nebosvod Gonzalez made a YouTube video about David. he’s going to post it on “David dePape Channel” on YouTube

I met David in year 2000 in Hawaii. David was 20 years old. He was really sweet and really shy. Our landlord told me that he had never met anyone who was more afraid of people than David was. For many years I was the only person David wasn’t afraid of having a conversation with. Years after we met, David told me that he will never forget the first time I gave him a hug. He said that no one had ever given him such a loving hug before. He said: “If I hadn’t met you, I would have committed suicide a long time ago.”

David was very receptive to learning and to healing. I introduced him to Lazaris (www.Lazaris.com). Lazaris is an amazing spirit guide who came to us to help facilitate the global spiritual transformation that humanity is currently going through. David became a big fan of Lazaris. Lazaris teaches us that we create our own reality. Lazaris gives us a lot of healing techniques that work, that are incredibly powerful.

In the beginning of his book called “The Sirius Connection” Lazaris says:

“We are here to remind you that pain and fear are not the only methods of growth, that you can more elegantly grow through joy and love, that you do create your own reality, that there is a God/Goddess/All That Is who loves you, who knows your name, and that you love, you love good enough. For as long as there is Light, and the Light is forever, we shall love you.”

Here is a link to David’s favorite Lazaris recording called “On Receiving Love”:

Part 1:


Part 2:


David had an excruciatingly painful childhood. He was subjected to ritualistic abuse from a very early age, most likely from infancy. David has scars on his wrists and feet that suggest that he was nailed to a cross by his abusers. The size of the scars suggests that he was most likely a baby or a toddler when this happened. David was told that he was born with stakes in his wrists.

David was raised by an abusive mother. David said that his mother was often beating him, kicking him, trying to kill him. His nose was bleeding. That’s why he always had a bloody nose in school.

David also shared memories of being sodomized and orally abused.

When David was about 2 years old, his grandmother poured a pot of boiling hot water on him. The water was so hot that the pattern of his shirt got imprinted into his skin. David nearly died. To this day he has scars from this horrific incident.

David’s family later denied the abuse. He was told that he was playing on the floor and that his grandmother tripped and spilled the water by accident. However, if that was the case, she would have fallen past David. Either way, the pot would have fallen and the water would have splashed David from below. The main scar from the incident is on top of David’s shoulder. The scar is round and is deeper in the center which clearly suggests that the boiling water was deliberately poured on David from above, rather than accidentally splashed from below. David told me that he feels very strongly that it was done deliberately.

David was abused by his grandfather as well. When David was taken to his grandparents’ house, he would swim out into the ocean and stay in the water for many hours until his visit with his grandparents was over and it was time to go home. David had to fight strong currents that nearly drowned him numerous times.

His limbs were stinging with pain. He was afraid of sharks. But all of that was less terrifying than his grandparents’ abuse.

David suffers from deep depression and severe PTSD. It’s hard for him to communicate, to express his emotions and to connect with people. He was constantly bullied at school and at home. He felt unwanted and rejected.

Despite his tragic childhood, David worked really hard on being a good person. David never raised his voice. He was excessively polite and, in my opinion, way too submissive. He refused to honk at other drivers even when there was a need to warn them about a potentially dangerous situation on the road.

David was not the kind of person to ever force himself on anybody. When I broke up with him and asked him to leave (which happened a few times in the course of our relationship), David left right away silently, without any drama, without putting up a fight or even trying to defend his position.

David dedicated a very large amount of time and energy to healing work. Years after he left, I kept finding his notebooks filled with notes where he was doing his healing work: processing his emotions, writing about his dreams and visions for himself, for our family and for our planet. We used a lot of healing and manifesting techniques that we learned from Lazaris. David did a lot of healing Lazaris meditations on a regular basis. He went on 10-day silent meditation retreats (called Vipassana) a number of times. He told me that before he went to Vipassana, he always felt like he was drowning. He said that after his first retreat he finally felt like he was able to come up and catch a breath of air once in a while.

Because of all the trauma that was constantly suffocating David’s spirit, it was hard for him to express his true emotions. But having known him intimately, I was able to see and experience the incredible beauty of his inner light, of his love that was so deep, so powerful and so healing. Considering the utter hell that David lived through as a child, his capacity to love is absolutely astounding. It brings tears to my eyes.

I remember watching “The Never-ending Story” with David many years ago. The story is about our world drowning in pain and darkness because we forgot how to dream. We both cried at the end of the movie.

David has a gentle touch. He was sweet, affectionate and loving in the bedroom.

Due to his deep emotional scars and his resulting communication problems, David was unable to hold a job and contribute financially. But he gladly helped me with everything else. He took the kids to the park nearly every day. He also helped me with my activism in every way he could.

David and I shared the same political views. We really enjoyed having conversations about politics. We were both very progressive. We went to nearly every anti-war demonstration with our kids when the Iraq war began.

David helped me with my 911 truth activism and my media activism. We produced a lot of political TV series and aired them on local Public Access channels, mainly in San Francisco and Berkeley. We produced content that never appeared in mainstream media due to censorship.

David and I really enjoyed the songs of David Rovics.

Around year 2005 David helped me organize the West Coast premiere of Loose Change, the legendary 911 truth documentary that became the very first internet block buster in history. USA Today published a big story about my film screening of Loose Change and about its creators Dylan Avery, Jason Burmas and Corey Rowe:


You can watch loose change here:


David and I admire Obama. I was really happy when Joe Biden was elected. David and i admire Cynthia McKinney, Matt Gonzalez, Ralph Nader and, of course, Bernie Sanders, as well as many other progressive activists and politicians.

I don’t remember having any conversations with David about Nancy Pelosi, but I can’t imagine him having a grudge against Nancy. I never heard of him posting anything against Nancy.

I want to point out that all of David’s blogs were deleted when the Pelosi incident happened. And now, after his blogs were deleted, all sorts of claims are being made against David supposedly based on his deleted blogs.

David is being accused of posting antisemitic comments. This makes no sense. I myself am Jewish (among other things). If David really hated Jews, why would he spend 15 years of his life with a Jewish woman and why would he have Jewish kids with her? In all the years that I spent with David I never once heard a single antisemitic comment from him. Neither have I ever heard any racist comments from David. He was against any form of racism.

David and I are against the genocide of the Palestinian people by the Israeli military/government. But that doesn’t make us antisemitic. There are plenty of Jewish people who support the Palestinian people (Jewish Voice for Peace, for instance). The most passionate pro-Palestinian activists that I know are both Jewish. Their names are Ralph Schoenman and Mya Shone. Ralph was close friends with MalcomX. Ralph and Mya are mind-blowing independent investigative reporters. You can find their radio show at
They have a great book called “The hidden history of Zionism” and other books.
I encourage everyone who wants to learn about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to listen to the radio show and to watch “Palestine is Still the Issue”.

David is being demonized for his views against vaccines. But his views are based on in-depth research. If you want to learn more,

Watch “Silent Epidemic: the Untold Story of Vaccines” by Gary Null here:



VAXXED: From Coverup to Catastrophe:

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