nudity ban protest march 22 - 2013 - San Francisco



Friday, March 15th – nudists will resubmit their complaint against the nudity ban to Judge Chen, as well as file a complaint against the SFPD for illegal arrests of nudists

Friday, March 22nd @ 12 noon – San Francisco City Hall steps (facing Civic Center) – body freedom activists will stage another protest against the nudity ban

Attorney Christina DiEdoardo is representing 5 nudist activists in a federal class action lawsuit against the City of San Francisco on the grounds that the nudity ban is unconstitutional and has been selectively enforced to undermine the Plaintiffs’ 1st and 14th Amendment rights. On March 15th the nudist activists’ complaint will be resubmitted to the Federal Judge, Judge Chen. The Plaintiffs are: Mitch Hightower, Gypsy Taub, George Davis, Rusty Mills and Russell “Trey” Allen who recently joined the lawsuit.

The new complaint is based on illegal arrests made by the SFPD on February 1st (the first day of the nudity ban) and February 27th when nudist activists were engaged in a peaceful political protest and a dance performance, respectively. Those were blatant violations of the 1st Amendment right to free speech (both the political and the artistic expression) as well as of the 14th Amendment equal protection rights.

On February 17th Naked Sword filmed a scene for their parody porn called “The Cover Up” where a nudity ban protest was staged for the film. The nudist activists were invited and participated in the film shoot at Jane Warner Plaza. No arrests were made that day, even though there was plenty of nudity and the police were present.

On March 9th World Naked Bike Ride took place on the streets of San Francisco. Police were present but no arrests were made and no one was cited, even though WNBR was not a permitted parade.
Under the nudity ban ordinance, public nudity is illegal (over the age of 5) unless at a city permitted parade or festival.

Apparently, SFPD is specifically targeting events organized by the core body freedom activists who are Plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit against the City and arresting the organizers. Besides the 1st Amendment violations this constitutes violations of equal protection rights guaranteed by the Constitution. The arrests were illegal even according to the nudity ban itself. SFPD has the authority to issue citations and not to arrest people for public nudity.

The nudity ban ordinance criminalizes public nudity citywide. No exceptions are made for political, nor artistic speech. During the first hearing on January 17th 2013 Federal Judge Chen asked deputy city attorney Tara Steely what would happen if a nudist was engaged in political speech. After a few attempts to avoid answering the question, Tara Steely had to admit that under the nudity ban no provisions were made for political expression. She added that if such exceptions were made it would destroy the whole legislation. In other words, if the nudity ban legislation complied with the US Constitution it would lose its power. Does this not make it clear that the legislation itself is blatantly unconstitutional?

You can watch full video of the hearing here:


I just watched it and realized that the court website cut the video short. At the end there is a discussion where the Judge challenges the absence of exemptions for political speech and the video is cut mid sentence…

On March 15th nudist activists also plan to file a complaint against the SFPD.

On March 22nd at 12 noon Gypsy Taub, George Davis and other body freedom activists will stage a protest against the San Francisco nudity ban on the steps of the City Hall.

Please join us in this historic battle against tyranny and oppression! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all our supporters! Thank you for coming to the protests, for videotaping, taking pictures, writing stories and simply for being there!

We are deeply grateful to our sisters and brothers who represent the media and who have played a huge role in publicizing our protests and helping us get the message out to the rest of the world.

I have been deeply touched by many news reports.

I wish I had the time to thank each one of you individually but being a single mother of 3 and an activist puts a lot of pressure on my time. I do love and appreciate each and every one of you – please know that.

Gypsy Taub


Dear body freedom supporters, dear journalists,

Welcome to the protest against the nudity ban.

My Name is Gypsy Taub. I want to briefly remind everybody that I host a nudist TV series called “My Naked Truth” that airs on channel 29 at 10 PM every Saturday. You can find footage and photos of the past protests as well as all the old episodes on www.MyNakedTruth.TV

A few months ago a small self-proclaimed group of people who represent special interests decided to pass yet another legislation that is designed to crush free spirit in San Francisco. Despite huge opposition from the public, against the state law of California and in blatant violation of the US Constitution the nudity ban was shoved down our throats.
You don’t have to do anything to get arrested. Just being you is enough to be viewed as a criminal. It has been declared that your body in its most natural form is a crime. The city government declared war on the human body.

If you take your clothes off 3 times you can end up in jail for a year.

I wonder what is next? Witch burning? Concentration camps?

I bet they would make sex illegal too if it didn’t produce soldiers to be used as cannon meat in criminal wars for oil and global domination.

The war against the human body did not begin and did not end with Scott Wiener. Please don’t be fooled by the myth that Scott Wiener was protecting the interests of his constituents. When his constituents asked him not to destroy rent control and not to evict them their pleas fell on dead ears. Scott Wiener and the other corporate puppets are here to represent special interests. It has never been their intention to serve the community.

Scott Wiener has told the Human Rights Commission that he’s pulling their funding if they don’t back off requests for public meetings on private control of the public Pride flag.

Private control of the pride flag means that pretty soon they will simply take it down. They are trying to do away with the spirit, the culture and the rebellious nature of San Francisco. Since the Haight-Ashbury has long since been taken over by the mainstream, Castro is now the center for sexual and cultural liberation. It goes against the wet dreams of big developers who want to turn San Francisco into a money machine without a soul. It’s really sad to see that Scott Wiener who promised to represent the people of the Castro has turned into the biggest enemy of the people. Who does this man represent? Whom is he serving? He is defending private interest, threatening the pride flag and lashing out against the Human Rights Commission. If this doesn’t make it clear what side he is on then I don’t know what does. I guess, his recent anti-rent-control legislation and his anti-environmental efforts speak for themselves too.

While I don’t personally hate Scott Wiener, because I don’t hate anybody, I surely hate what he stands for. We need to get him recalled and even more importantly we all need to be much more involved in the next election than we have been in the past. We really need to look deep and discern which candidates have a radical grass roots activist track record and which ones don’t. Scott Wiener certainly has no such track record.

I would like to point out that the war on human body and human sexuality is a global war.

Just a few days after the illegal San Francisco nudity ban was passed, celebrities were told to cover up at the Grammy Awards.

Here is the text of the memo sent out to the stars:

“Please be sure that buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered. Thong type costumes are problematic. Please avoid exposing bare fleshy under curves of the buttocks and buttock crack. Bare sides or under curvature of the breasts is also problematic. Please avoid sheer see-through clothing that could possibly expose female breast nipples. Please be sure the genital region is adequately covered so that there is no visible ‘puffy’ bare skin exposure.”

Wisconsin authorities announced Tuesday that they will shut down one of nation’s most popular nude beaches on weekdays. Nudists from around the country have been traveling to the public beach on the Wisconsin River, about 25 miles northwest of Madison.

They claim that they are shutting the beach down because of sex and drugs. People supposedly slip off into the woods to make out and – let me guess – smoke that dangerous criminal plant –marijuana.

I can tell you right now that this has nothing to do with protecting the public. If people didn’t feel comfortable on that beach they would simply stop going there. The problem is that people were feeling too comfortable, to the point of dangerous – dangerous to the fascist authorities who want to control our souls and our bodies in very intimate ways.

North Carolina state representatives have introduced a bill that would make it a Class H felony to expose “external organs of sex and of excretion, including the nipple, or any portion of the areola, of the human female breast.”

Depending on the intent of the exposure, women could face up to six months in prison for first time offenders, with “more mundane” exposure resulting in a 30-day sentence.
Can you smell the coffee, guys?

Our European nudist activist friends Natty and Danny told us that Europe has been subjected to major backlash against the growing sexual liberties and against nudity. One after another a number of European cities passed laws to make public nudity illegal in the recent few years.

And now European Union is trying to ban internet porn. It is hard to imagine that there is still somebody on this planet who is ignorant enough to make such a suggestion. But apparently there are such people still. And some of them are in high positions of power.

Please realize that all of this is coming out of one center. These decisions are made behind closed doors by a small global elite group that is stubbornly refusing to give up its wet dreams of global domination. They are sometimes called “the shadow government” or the New World Order. My friend Leuren Moret calls them the “New World Odor”.

These people have been directly involved with the Nazis and operate under the same philosophy. Some people dismiss this as groundless conspiracy theories. If that’s the case then how is it that all these seemingly different political entities decided to wage nothing short of a world war on the human body?

The New World Odor knows that its days are numbered. The tyrants of this world are starting to see that the new world is leaving them in the dust. They are desperate to sustain their military control and domination of the natural resources, energy, space, the banking system, and most importantly, our minds, souls and bodies.

Tyrants have never been known for their respect for civil liberties. Today we are witnessing nothing short of tyranny against the human body and soul in a city that was once known for its spirit of tolerance and liberation.

On February 1st , the first day of the nudity ban, we were holding a political rally on the steps of the City Hall. George Davis announced that he was going to run for Supervisor of District 8. Shortly after announcing his candidacy he was illegally arrested. I was arrested in the middle of delivering my political speech, and 2 other activists, Trey Allen and Danny deVero were arrested as well. Besides the fact that our first Amendment rights were blatantly violated, the SFPD had no authority to arrest us under the nudity ban. They were supposed to cite, not arrest us. None of us were given a choice to sign citations.

On February 27th we staged a body freedom dance performance at the Harvey Milk Plaza. Woody Miller was cited and George and I (Gypsy Taub) were arrested after refusing to put our clothes on. Once again, the city demonstrated its total disregard of the US Consitution. Freedom of political as well as artistic expression were violated both times.

On March 15 we resubmitted our amended complaint to Judge Chen. We also requested a Temporary Restraining Order against the SFPD. Judge Chen denied the TRO. It is really strange to see Judge Chen act as if he were a puppet. During the hearing on January 17th he made a lot of good arguments in favor of the 1st Amendment. Please go to www.MyNakedTruth.TV , go to older posts and you can find the video of the court hearing. Judge Chen sounds like he has integrity and cares about the Constitution. The mainstream media reports that followed the hearing were distorted beyond recognition. That’s how the puppet masters prepared us for Judge Chen’s ruling which in my opinion did not come from Judge Chen himself. He ruled against us, and the ruling was in 180 degree contrast with what he said at the hearing. This sounds very suspicious to me. But it wouldn’t be the first time in history that a shadow government manipulated or threatened a Judge.

In conclusion I would like to say that no matter what the power brokers want and no matter how much money and political corruption they have at their command we are more powerful because the truth is on our side. And in this world there is only one thing that is more powerful than the truth. And that is love. We need to remember that as long as we are true to ourselves, as long as we come from love and not from fear, as long as we realize that we create our own reality nothing and no one can stop us from being free.



  1. Albert Giesbrecht

    Dear Gypsy:

    Although I don’t live in your city, I am with you in spirit. I belong to a group called NIFTY, and we believe in the right of all people to be nude (or in the case of women) bare chested in public. I wish I could have joined you in the protest. Maybe if your protests last into the summer I might fly down to join you (when it’s warmer j/k!)

    Good Luck!


    1. Gypsy Taub Post author

      Thank you, Albert,

      please email me directly at gypsytaub(at)gmail(dot)com. I can add you to my email list so you can be notified of future protests.

      Lots of love! Thank you again for your support!


  2. Michael and Fuying


    When we met you last May, we realized you were a special person. What we didn’t realize at the time was that you were not just special, but extraordinary in one particular sense- having the courage to carry out your convictions even in the face of personal loss. We are humbled by your willingness to take a fall, get nailed to cross so to speak, to protect the rights of us less courageous souls. You are a modern day Rosa Parks and, someday, your name will be uttered in the same light when body freedom becomes the law of the land.

    Michael and Fuying

    1. Gypsy Taub Post author

      You guys are so sweet! Thank you! It was GREAT to meet you. I have been so crazy busy, but have been thinking about our interview and how nice it came out. I am hoping to have some time in the near future to edit and post it. Peace, Love and Body Freedom to you, beautiful love birds, Michael and Fuying!

  3. Gypsy Taub Post author

    Thank you so much for your support, Tony.
    However, I don’t have enemies. I see us all as one beautiful family. Some of us haven’t discovered the beauty of their true self yet, and that’s why they are having hard times.
    I am not sure what you mean in terms of “sex versus nudity” or something like that. There is nothing wrong with sexual desire. It’s life force itself. The vast majority of people are respectful towards us and our movement. I don’t waste my time on those who are not. In fact, for me some other nudist organizations have been a pain in the ass more than confused strangers on the streets. Some of those people – having zero understanding and having done no research about what we have done – feel that the best thing they can do is trash our efforts and try to impose their ignorant and arrogant power trip on me and our group in general. But I have learned to ignore them too no matter how big they might think they are.

  4. tony benanti

    Greetings. First i would like to say you are a stunningly healthy-looking woman. i don’t know if any one ever tells you this but they should. Second I would like to say that I appreciate what you are doing even though i would not have the temerity to do it myself. I come from a background of Second Amendment activism and before you quit this missal i would tell you that I am not looking to proseltyse for that it is merely background to let you know that I understand that the gov’t in this state at all levels has been, for quite some time, increasingly anti-freedom in its policies and actions. It is a shame that this state which represented true, individualistic freedom on all levels for so long and was viewed by some to be the most spiritual environment second only to New Mexico has indeed been subverted by hypocritical so-called human beings, small-minded and atrophied of soul. It is probably hard for most people to separate nudity with sex and I hope that your movement doesn’t attract that kind of person, as in my experience all potentially dynamic political movements attract some, (how can i be kind?) wing nuts who don’t get the real heart and big picture of the movement that they are attracted to. Some of us are wired differently and can transcend the bull shit quite easily. I am sure you are one of these and i want to finish by saying be patient with those who won’t get the concept or can only see it for an avenue for prurience. Such individuals can sap your will to stay the course. Please do not let them because anyone, anywhere fighting for any of our rights is more precious than gold and truly worthy of the appellation of true human being. Many thanks and blessings to you and confusion to the enemies of freedoms.

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