Dear body freedom supporters,


Berkeley City Counsel is about to make a historic decision on top freedom for women.

As we know Berkeley has a nudity ban because the UC Berkeley (that is up to its ears in nuclear weapons programs) apparently couldn’t handle the power of one nudist activist Andrew Martinez who went to school naked. Well, this ridiculous law is being challenged now at least partially.

Here is a recent story in SFGate:

Also, here is a recent interview that I did and the story that KQED produced. It has a few mistakes but for the most part tells the history of the nudity ban accurately. It also talks about Berkeley:

Please join us for public comment at the Berkeley City Counsel meeting this coming Tuesday at 6 pm.

I talked to the clerk and was told that when a lot of people show up for an issue on the agenda they sometimes move that agenda item to the top, to the very beginning. So if you want your voice to be heard please join us. The clerk recommended that we come at least 20 min early to ensure that we are given a chance to speak.

The comment time is normally 2 minutes. In case a lot of people want to speak they sometimes limit it to 1 minute. So if you want to speak please prepare a speech that lasts 2 min and another shorter version that lasts 1 minute. Practice and time yourself to make sure they don’t cut you off.

Also, in Berkeley they allow you to give your time to someone else. So if you want to come and support top freedom but are too shy to speak you can give your time to me or someone else. I was told that they ask people to stand up to see how many people showed up in favor and in opposition of a measure on the agenda so your presence will count whether you speak or not.

Please join us this coming Tuesday at 5:30 pm at the Berkeley City Counsel Chambers at 2180 Milvia St, Berkeley, CA 94704.

I hope to see you there!

Big naked hugs!



  1. Gypsy Taub Post author

    Leave my children alone, nasty, manipulative pedophile! you are not from Germany and you are not 14. You are an adult pervert most likely from the US. Go burn in hell before I get my hands on you and hang you by your “bit small” dick!

    1. Ben Hartung

      Sorry for asking. I turned 14 in September and I am from Germany. But maybe it was not ok for asking. Sorry. I chat with the FKK friends of my parents. They understand.

      1. Gypsy Taub Post author

        There are creeps out there playing mind games with us pretending to be young kids but are in reality pedophiles. They never agree to talk on the phone nor show their true identity in any way. You sound exactly like one of them and if you are not I apologize. But if you are – go burn in hell or better yet, seek therapy!

        1. Ben Hartung

          Sorry Miss for asking. We have English since I am 11. But I google your words. I am not what you think.
          Found your site at German FKK forum with my parents use.
          Sorry for asking. But there is no teen forum for what my parents like and me since child. Sorry. gmx is German site and lagavulin the whisky of my father. I am no US.

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